Why PEI?

What is it that you love about PEI?

If you relocated to PEI from another Canadian province (or even another country) what drew you to the Island?

Perhaps you have always lived on the Island  – what is it that makes it so special for you?

If you are an Islander who moved away and then returned back home – why?

Maybe you a part-time Islander, perhaps visiting every summer, what continues to draw you back?

People love PEI for so many reasons.  It is magical in so many ways. What do you truly love and why?


2 thoughts on “Why PEI?

  1. We’re looking forward with a little apprehension, to moving to PEI – but after living where we are ( suburb of Chennai) you have Heaven there. To be able to breathe, see green and sea instead of dirt, rubbish and have your ears aching from the constant loud noises – I don’t think we’ll believe it until we’ve woken up that first morning after the move and find we are STILL there!

  2. For me it is the ocean. To hear the thunder of waves pounding the shore. The red soil. So rich and warm. The softly rolling hills, inviting to explore. The quiet solitude of sand and water, earth and sky.
    PEI is my souls home.

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