More media for Islanders by Choice Alliance

Today our group received more exposure via some radio interviews on CBC.  In addition we have a story on the CBC Canada News website as well.  We are hoping to get copies of the radio interviews to share here soon.

From CBC Canada News:

The creators of a new internet group on P.E.I. that helps newcomers get comfortable on the Island say requests for membership are booming.

The Islanders by Choice Alliance formed last month.

Most Islanders are familiar with the term CFA, or “come from away,” to describe a resident who wasn’t born in this province, according to the group.

Group members said they want to replace this expression with IBC, or “Islander by choice,” to describe anyone who was born on the Island or moves to the Island.

So far, more than 220 people have joined the Facebook group, and just as many on Twitter.

Heather Wilson, one of the creators, said about a third of her members are people born on the Island, trying to help those “from away” settle in.

“It’s crazy the number of people that are interested in the group, bringing down the invisible barrier that is often seen between people from away and born Islanders, and to help them with new homes, resources, such as finding doctors or jobs or partners for their golf team,” Wilson said.

The Alliance is having its first meeting Monday night at the Old Triangle in Charlottetown.

More than 60 people are already signed up.

The group plans to become a not-for-profit organization and already has major events planned for the summer.


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