Islanders By Choice Bus Tour: A Great Success

While it certainly isn’t unusual to see a tour bus travel the north shore of the Island (especially on a warm, sunny day), what stood out for a group of 21 people embarking on a recent tour was why they were going sight-seeing.

Yesterday (June 11), members of the growing Islanders By Choice Alliance participated in a fundraiser to assist in ongoing relief efforts in Japan, and they got to meet new people while doing so. This half-day tour was organized through us and sponsored by Bruce MacNaughton (PEI Preserve Co.) and John Dunphy (Target Tours).

Bruce and John showed their support of the IBCA and the size of their hearts by donating tour money collected to the Red Cross. Bruce provided lunch at no-cost to the group and John topped up the donation cheque. At the end of the day, the group presented $750 to go toward relief efforts in Japan.

The IBCA extends a huge thank you to Bruce & John!

We made the decision to donate the proceeds to the Japan Earthquake Relief Fund mainly because of the strong bond between PEI and the Japanese people. Most of the partners donating goods and services have depended on tourism from Japan and this was a way of giving back. (John Dunphy)

The tour itself included various aspects of the North Shore such as North Rustico Fishing Harbour, Cavendish Beach, Green Gables House, and the PEI Preserve Company, as well as a city tour of Charlottetown, all narrated and brought to life by step-on guide Donalda Doucette of Target Tours. Donalda treated the participants to  colourful stories of PEI culture, entertaining even those who have lived here for decades.

Janice MacLean has lived on PEI for years, but admits she doesn’t always take the time to appreciate this province’s beauty. A bus tour allowed her to do just that.

It was great to not just see the land that we now call home, but we got to really see it. We loved every moment of it, and are looking forward to having this happen again. (Janice MacLean)

Our VP, Heather went on the tour and fully supports this type of “meet and greet” idea for anyone living on PEI who would like a fun way to get to know people.

It’s amazing how much fun you can have when you combine an activity such as a bus tour with meeting new people. You not only get to see and learn about different parts of the Island, but you also have the opportunity to make some new potentially lifelong friends. It’s a win –win situation!

So, it sounds like our first bus tour was a huge success! That’s great because we plan on organizing more bus tours in the future, including a winery and food tour on the east coast of the Island.

Some very happy Islanders By Choice:

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