About Us

The Islanders By Choice Alliance is a non-profit organization that works to create information, resources,  and networking opportunities for all who are interested in the issues related to being an “Islander By Choice.”

An Islander By Choice is anyone who chooses to live on PEI, regardless of where you were born—PEI or elsewhere. We all choose to live here for a reason, so let’s celebrate our love for PEI!

We are interested in addressing the issues related to understanding the culture of the Island, the sense of community that exists and quite simply – what it is that so attracts people to want to be part of life on the Island.  We are a friendly alliance of people who choose to call PEI our home or who have a strong connection to PEI. Our goal is to host social events Island wide and offer support for people integrating into PEI communities.

Our Volunteer Board of Directors includes:

  • President – Carol O’Hanley
  • Vice President – Heather Wilson
  • Secretary – Jodi LeBlanc
  • Treasurer – Lori MacDonald
  • Director – Jane Boyd
  • Director – Christine Gordon Manley
  • Director – Nancy Beth Guptill.

If you would like to be part of things as we move forward please let us know by sending an email to peislanderbychoice@gmail.com

Visit our FAQ page to learn more about the Islanders By Choice Alliance.

Here is some information on how our group got started.


8 thoughts on “About Us

  1. I just listened, with great interest, to your piece on CBC radio! I’m a CFA who’s lived here for four and a half years now, and would have to honestly say that of my 33 moves throughout my life, this was definitely the hardest in terms of ‘fitting in’. I’ve accepted it now, but would be interested in any activities in Summerside…particularly for women. Please keep my posted!

  2. I have been watching PEI news online and reading the papers since my visit last summer. When I left PEI I was determined to return here to retire in a few years. I too have been haunting the real estate sites and virtually driving around PEI on Google Earth. It seems like the perfect place to live (despite its challenges) nothing can be too difficult in such a naturally beautiful location. I will be returning in April for a few days to see PEI when it is not in its “summer best” and to do some genealogical work (my grandmother and great grandparents are from PEI). This blog is a wonderful idea. Thank you for doing it. Johanna from Massachusetts

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  4. Hi,

    Just thought I’d let you know, I did an MA thesis on this very topic in 2008. It is called Islandness and Immigration; Insiders and Outsiders on Prince Edward Island. If anyone is interested I could share it by PDF.

  5. While I like the name of your organization may I suggest the appellation “adopted Islander” or “new Islander” over “Islander by choice.” The latter is harder to say and sounds too much like an effort to be politically correct. It also sounds too much like an individual declaration.

    Being referred to as an “Adopted Islander,” however, sounds like you have been welcomed and accepted by the community. An “Islander by choice” does not impart the same connotation. Just because one has chosen to be an Islander doesn’t mean they will be accepted and the whole point of your organization seems to be one of acceptance.

    The notion of adopted Islanders also already exists with certain Island personalities like Anne of Green Gables and Stompin Tom Connors.

    If your goal is to affect change in attitudes then the correct choice of words and phrases is key to your success.

    • Hi Charles,
      Thanks for stopping by and for your feedback. We chose the name Islanders By Choice Alliance as we felt that it represented all of the people who are interested in this issue and who in some way were connected to the Island. Our group is comprised of many different people but the commonality is that we all love PEI and want to make it as welcoming as possible. We want to help people make connections to one another and to facilitate discussion on the issues. Our Alliance includes Islanders by birth, Islanders by family connection, Islanders who have moved away and returned “home”, newcomers to PEI – both years ago and recently, folks who spend part of the year on the Island, families in the process of relocating and more. Basically, we are open to all. Please do go back in our comments and blog postings for more info on the history of our name as there is some additional info there as well.



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