We welcome your rants, thoughts, comments and stories!

Over on our Facebook Group page we have been having great discussions this weekend!  People have so many stories to share about their personal experiences with PEI.  Please do share your story with us.  Leave a comment on this post. We are planning to do some profile posts on people who are connected to our Alliance in the very near future.  In the meantime, this is a great way for us to get some stories going!

Are you an Islander?

  • Tell us what has drawn you to the Islander by Choice Alliance.
  • What issues do you think there are for people who move to the Island?
  • Were you away for many years and then came back “home”?

Are you an Islander by Choice?

  • What drew you to PEI?
  • What has your experience been like so far living on the Island?
  • What do you LOVE about PEI?
  • What barriers have you faced?

Are you a Part Time Islander by Choice?

  • When did you first come to PEI?
  • How often are you on the Island?
  • What keeps bringing you back?
  • Do you plan to move to the Island in the future?

Are you planning to relocate to PEI in the future?

  • What is drawing you to the Island?
  • When will you be moving?
  • What are you waiting for to happen before you can make the move?

We all want that Island connection

With all the talk about the “ways” people can be Islanders I was interested in the comments that Gary left  about “IBB’s” – Islanders By Blood.


I want to congratulate you on taking the initiative to create a blog on this topic.

As a native islander who has always enjoyed the joys of my Hidden Island Paradise, there is just no thoughts about ever living long term anywhere but on P.E.I.

There are IBC’s and CFA’s but has anyone ever considered that there are IBB’s

Well my cousin Daphne who now lives in New Jersey thinks that there is.


If you have something to share then hop over to my blog and let me know what you think. Thanks!

Smiles :)


Here is part of Gary’s blog post on IBB’s

As we drove back through the beautiful hills of Calidonia Daphne began to tell me “you know” she said “to be an Islander, they say you have to be born here”. “If you were not born on Prince Edward Island then you are not an Islander” “yes” I replied but we have another term and it is “an Islander by Choice”. “No!” she exclaimed “I love it here and my son Eric and I, we are Islanders by blood!”.

I loved what Daphne had just said, with my good arm I reached into my case and pulled out our book “Prince Edward Island Tales 2nd edition” “Here Daphne” I said “this is for you!”

We concluded our brief tour back at Timmies in Montague. With a big hug, a promise to call her and a wave, she and Eric were off on their way back to Charlottetown to pick up uncle Everett who is like 94 and take him over to his son Wayne’s to meet even more of their cousins and extended family.

Family and family relationships are very important to the people of our Island. Now I learned just how important they are to extended family not born on the Island. Thank you Daphne!

So now there are three ways to be an Islander:

1. You could to be born on the Island.
2. You could be an Islander by choice.
3. You could be an Islander by blood.

So…let’s see – you can be an Islander or an Islander by Choice (or Circumstance) or an Islander by Blood.  Of course, then there are also people like me who are Part Time Islanders by Choice or as I have also been called an Honourary Islander.  Interesting.  So many ways that people are connected to PEI.  It is truly fascinating to me.  What stands out the most, though, is that we all seem to want that “connection”. People who were not born on PEI are still looking for a way to be defined as being truly part of the Island. 

Why PEI?

What is it that you love about PEI?

If you relocated to PEI from another Canadian province (or even another country) what drew you to the Island?

Perhaps you have always lived on the Island  – what is it that makes it so special for you?

If you are an Islander who moved away and then returned back home – why?

Maybe you a part-time Islander, perhaps visiting every summer, what continues to draw you back?

People love PEI for so many reasons.  It is magical in so many ways. What do you truly love and why?