Contact Us

Here Are Some Ways To Connect With The Islanders by Choice Alliance

1.  Follow us on Twitter – We will be tweeting regular updates about our plans and efforts as we move forward!

2.  Ask to join our group on Facebook.  Please note that you need to have an account on Facebook in order to do this.  Simply search for Islanders by Choice Alliance (or click that link) and submit a request to join.  Once you have been accepted to the group, you are free to invite others to join as well.

3.  Visit our blog on a regular basis. We will be working to ensure it is updated as often as possible and help keep all of the comments flowing.

4.  Add yourself to our new Google Map showing where in the world you are.  You can be already living on the Island or dreaming of moving to the Island some day.  Simply click on the Edit button and then locate where you live on the map.  Then click on the “Add a Placemark” button on the top left corner of the map section.  You will then be able to write in details about yourself!

5. Email us at


3 thoughts on “Contact Us

  1. Does your organization include any American expats? I’d like to correspond with any Americans (US) who have re-located to PEI.

    Thanks in advance for any assistance.


  2. Hi, I have been unable to make the Olde Triangle night as well as the Mavor’s get together. I do not Tweet or Facebook. I have been getting my info through Karen Mair. Please keep me posted on the happenings. I would like to join a book-club or bridge group, I had been saying I would like to see a group such as this to my friends for the last couple of years. I’m pleased to see it done! Regards Sheila

  3. Hello! I am not on facebook, nor do I twitter, so I am wondering if you plan to send out an email news letter? I would like to be notified of events, and meetings etc. I think this group has potential and I hope many people meet new friends. Maybe a gardening club for those of us who are not familiar with gardening here….? hint hint..: )

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