Fall GALA – change in “dress code”

We have been getting some feedback from people about our “formal” dress code for the upcoming GALA. Some people are intimidated by the thought of having to find or buy a ball gown or a suit and tux. This wasn’t our intent so we would like to make some changes to make everyone more comfortable.

Due to this feedback (and we DO listen), we have decided to change the dress code to “semi-formal”. We are still sticking to our NO jeans policy because we are confident most people have some sort of outfit that doesn’t include jeans which they can wear to dress up. However, if you are a lady and don’t wear dresses, then dress pants will be fine. (One of our lady friends never wears dresses and she looks fabulous all the time!! )

Mind you, you will see some ball gowns at this event, and possibly the odd suit or maybe even a tux!! Some people are dying for a chance to wear a new fancy dress or one hanging in the closet that needs to see the light of day. But you’ll also see cocktail dresses, regular dresses and dress pants. We want to be inclusive and our main objective from the start was to gather as many people together for a fun night!

If you are a single person and are reluctant to come to the event alone – have no fear – we’ve got you covered! Our fun and friendly Director, Nancy Beth will be hosting a few tables we’ve reserved for singles. You just have to let us know you’d like a seat at these tables and we’ll make sure we save you one. We know theses tables are going to be THE tables to be for the night!

We have a ton of fun things planned for this evening which we plan to reveal bit by bit in the coming weeks. The menu is fabulous and is sure to make your mouth water!

Don’t forget you only have until Sunday to get your early bird price of $50 on the tickets. Even at the regular price of $65, we think you’ll get your money’s worth and more at this event! We look forward to having tickets sell like hotcakes in the next little while!

To purchase tickets, go HERE:
Or go to tickets@peislanderbychoice.com