This is our OLD website – here is how to find us now!

We have become so popular over the last year that we have had to take steps to enhance our online communications.  This blog site has some of the posts from when we first started operating, so some of it still might be helpful.  For now, we have chosen not to take it down. However, please visit our current online locations for the most up to date news regarding our activities and events.

You can also contact us by sending an email to:


Fall GALA – change in “dress code”

We have been getting some feedback from people about our “formal” dress code for the upcoming GALA. Some people are intimidated by the thought of having to find or buy a ball gown or a suit and tux. This wasn’t our intent so we would like to make some changes to make everyone more comfortable.

Due to this feedback (and we DO listen), we have decided to change the dress code to “semi-formal”. We are still sticking to our NO jeans policy because we are confident most people have some sort of outfit that doesn’t include jeans which they can wear to dress up. However, if you are a lady and don’t wear dresses, then dress pants will be fine. (One of our lady friends never wears dresses and she looks fabulous all the time!! )

Mind you, you will see some ball gowns at this event, and possibly the odd suit or maybe even a tux!! Some people are dying for a chance to wear a new fancy dress or one hanging in the closet that needs to see the light of day. But you’ll also see cocktail dresses, regular dresses and dress pants. We want to be inclusive and our main objective from the start was to gather as many people together for a fun night!

If you are a single person and are reluctant to come to the event alone – have no fear – we’ve got you covered! Our fun and friendly Director, Nancy Beth will be hosting a few tables we’ve reserved for singles. You just have to let us know you’d like a seat at these tables and we’ll make sure we save you one. We know theses tables are going to be THE tables to be for the night!

We have a ton of fun things planned for this evening which we plan to reveal bit by bit in the coming weeks. The menu is fabulous and is sure to make your mouth water!

Don’t forget you only have until Sunday to get your early bird price of $50 on the tickets. Even at the regular price of $65, we think you’ll get your money’s worth and more at this event! We look forward to having tickets sell like hotcakes in the next little while!

To purchase tickets, go HERE:
Or go to

IBC Picnic a Huge Success!

We couldn’t have asked for a better day. Even though Mother Nature had us all wondering earlier in the day what would happen, she must have shaken off her cranky pants because we ended up with The Perfect Day for a picnic. Submission A:

We had a wonderful turnout, and while we didn’t do an official head-count, our unofficial stats methods (i.e., one Director asking another Director, “how many people do you think are here?”) tells us that around 60 people showed up to enjoy a relaxing afternoon and early evening at Canoe Cove, PEI. Submission B:

There was swimming and playground fun. There was kite flying and washer throwing. There was even sack races! And, of course, there was picnic goodies and some BBQ-ing. Pretty soon, we’re going to set up an IBC Flickr account and I’ll post more photos to the gallery then, but for now, I’ll leave you with a few snapshots of the day.

Thank you to everyone who came out!

Come join us for a Family Picnic

We’re having a picnic and we want you to come!

So, all the details can be found in this poster:

But in case you can’t read it, or your computer screen is wonky and the font is fuzzy, here are the details:

Where: Canoe Cove
When: July 24, 3-6PM (that’s a Sunday)
Bring: your own food (there are BBQ shelters on site, but no BBQs), games to share, kites, fun activities, etc., and a willingness to meet new friends

It’s going to be a great time. Look forward to seeing you all there!

Islanders By Choice Bus Tour: A Great Success

While it certainly isn’t unusual to see a tour bus travel the north shore of the Island (especially on a warm, sunny day), what stood out for a group of 21 people embarking on a recent tour was why they were going sight-seeing.

Yesterday (June 11), members of the growing Islanders By Choice Alliance participated in a fundraiser to assist in ongoing relief efforts in Japan, and they got to meet new people while doing so. This half-day tour was organized through us and sponsored by Bruce MacNaughton (PEI Preserve Co.) and John Dunphy (Target Tours).

Bruce and John showed their support of the IBCA and the size of their hearts by donating tour money collected to the Red Cross. Bruce provided lunch at no-cost to the group and John topped up the donation cheque. At the end of the day, the group presented $750 to go toward relief efforts in Japan.

The IBCA extends a huge thank you to Bruce & John!

We made the decision to donate the proceeds to the Japan Earthquake Relief Fund mainly because of the strong bond between PEI and the Japanese people. Most of the partners donating goods and services have depended on tourism from Japan and this was a way of giving back. (John Dunphy)

The tour itself included various aspects of the North Shore such as North Rustico Fishing Harbour, Cavendish Beach, Green Gables House, and the PEI Preserve Company, as well as a city tour of Charlottetown, all narrated and brought to life by step-on guide Donalda Doucette of Target Tours. Donalda treated the participants to  colourful stories of PEI culture, entertaining even those who have lived here for decades.

Janice MacLean has lived on PEI for years, but admits she doesn’t always take the time to appreciate this province’s beauty. A bus tour allowed her to do just that.

It was great to not just see the land that we now call home, but we got to really see it. We loved every moment of it, and are looking forward to having this happen again. (Janice MacLean)

Our VP, Heather went on the tour and fully supports this type of “meet and greet” idea for anyone living on PEI who would like a fun way to get to know people.

It’s amazing how much fun you can have when you combine an activity such as a bus tour with meeting new people. You not only get to see and learn about different parts of the Island, but you also have the opportunity to make some new potentially lifelong friends. It’s a win –win situation!

So, it sounds like our first bus tour was a huge success! That’s great because we plan on organizing more bus tours in the future, including a winery and food tour on the east coast of the Island.

Some very happy Islanders By Choice:

Over 200 people attend our “Meet & Greet” event! Wow!

Who would have thought that an email and a little discussion on Twitter could have turned into something so big?

Tonight we held the first official “Meet and Greet” for the Islanders By Choice Alliance.  We were hoping for about 50 people to drop in.  After all it was Islander Day; plus there is also the Scotties curling event going on in Charlottetown right now!   Given this, we thought we would be lucky to have a few people show up.  Guess what?  Over 200 folks showed up for our event tonight! On top of that, there were countless people around the world who were tracking the events of the evening via Twitter and through our Group Page on Facebook.  Clearly people are very interested in the Islanders By Choice Alliance and what we represent.  Thanks so much to all who took the time to join us tonight and to our “online” friends who are also there in spirit!

Thanks to Lori MacDonald for the above photo via Facebook!  Also, a huge thanks to our Co-Chairs – Carol and Heather for all of their efforts tonight as well as the many other volunteers who came out to support the evening.  Great job everyone!!

Stay tuned…there is a lot more to come!  This is really just the beginning for the Islanders By Choice Alliance.

More media for Islanders by Choice Alliance

Today our group received more exposure via some radio interviews on CBC.  In addition we have a story on the CBC Canada News website as well.  We are hoping to get copies of the radio interviews to share here soon.

From CBC Canada News:

The creators of a new internet group on P.E.I. that helps newcomers get comfortable on the Island say requests for membership are booming.

The Islanders by Choice Alliance formed last month.

Most Islanders are familiar with the term CFA, or “come from away,” to describe a resident who wasn’t born in this province, according to the group.

Group members said they want to replace this expression with IBC, or “Islander by choice,” to describe anyone who was born on the Island or moves to the Island.

So far, more than 220 people have joined the Facebook group, and just as many on Twitter.

Heather Wilson, one of the creators, said about a third of her members are people born on the Island, trying to help those “from away” settle in.

“It’s crazy the number of people that are interested in the group, bringing down the invisible barrier that is often seen between people from away and born Islanders, and to help them with new homes, resources, such as finding doctors or jobs or partners for their golf team,” Wilson said.

The Alliance is having its first meeting Monday night at the Old Triangle in Charlottetown.

More than 60 people are already signed up.

The group plans to become a not-for-profit organization and already has major events planned for the summer.